Probably the most amazing thing about being involved in family history/genealogy is the fact that the experts in this field are generous and kind in sharing their expertise. Following my favorite bloggers on social media provides a daily infusion of inspiration and reminds me to check out their sites for additional resources.

 Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Dick Eastman was the first genealogist I followed and he never disappoints. This online magazine, sponsored by MyHeritage, offers both a free and premium newsletter service and includes the most recent news and reviews on genealogy tools and services. In addition to the news/reviews/tools/services features, this blog includes really interesting articles such as Here’s What RV Camping Looked Like 100 Years Ago (August 30, 2019). He’s available on Twitter and on Facebook.

The Legal Genealogist

As a genealogist with a law degree, Judy’s background is fascinating and inspiring: “newspaper reporter, trade association writer, legal investigator, defense attorney, federal prosecutor, law editor and law school professor.” Trying to keep up with the legal concepts and terminology of the family history/genealogy environment can be overwhelming, but Judy’s articles are interesting and easy to understand, and always complete with a “sources” section for further research. For example, Judy posted an article on Wiggles and Squiggles - That curly thing on documents (August 26, 2019) about “scrolls” or, in some states they are referred to as “scrawls” - “A mark intended to supply the place of a seal, made with a pen or other instrument of writing.” Judy has an “Ask TLG” section for questions she answers in her blog. She’s available on Twitter and Facebook.

Amy Johnson Crow

Oh, my goodness, Amy Johnson Crow is amazing! I first came across her on Twitter when I saw a retweeted notice of her free 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks series of weekly prompts designed to get you writing about your family history. This is the inspiration for my first attempt at a family history blog. Her services are a mix of free resources and premium services that include resources, advice, research tips, a podcast, and her Generations Cafe. She’s available on Facebook and Twitter.